What is a Time Frame?

Continuing in the 7 Tips to Help You Start Writing Your Memoir series, here is

Tip #3:

Now that you have chosen a specific aspect of your life to write about, the next step is to choose a time frame. A time frame is the when of your memoir. When that chapter in your life (the divorce, addiction, spiritual journey, etc.) occurred. Did it occur in the 70s, 80s or the 90s? Word of caution: if you’re writing a healing memoir (if any type of abuse took place), make sure that you have healed before you begin writing. Sometimes, delving up memories can be painful. For instance, if you’re writing about something that occurred a few years ago, enough time may not have elapsed in your healing process. As the saying goes, it takes time to heal.  However, if you feel that writing will help your healing process, try journaling first and see if you’re able to consistently write each day; because if writing is too painful, you may not feel like writing, which will defeat the purpose of writing a memoir.

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  1. I totally agree with you. There is need for healing before you can write a memoir from an objective stand point. Two years ago I tried that exercise. I started writing mine. Two years later I’ve had to change a lot of things therein because I realized I transferred a lot of my hurt in it. I’m still editing everyday.

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