NO STRUGGLE, NO PROGRESS by Howard Fuller (with Lisa Frazier Page)

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NO STRUGGLE NO PROGRESSSome people in this world always seem to be where the action is. They run toward the flames of a burning building instead of running away; they jump in the ocean when someone appears to be drowning; they look for the most challenging problems to solve. They don’t follow. They lead. As anyone who has ever met Howard Fuller knows, he is a leader. And if you’ve ever heard him speak, you know he is wise, passionate, and determined—possessed with what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the fierce urgency of now”—determined to ensure that every child receives an effective education, especially the poorest, who for far too long have not. As Howard said (quoting William Daggett) when resigning from his position as the Superintendent of the Milwaukee Public Schools, “We must love our children’s hopes, dreams, and prayers more than we love the institutional heritage of the school system.”

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Book Spotlight: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

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The compelling, Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of Frank McCourt’s childhood, Angela’s Ashes is the story of the McCourt family in the 1940s. Their story starts in New York City, where Frank spent his earliest years, but soon the family returned to their native Ireland. The poorest family in their village, Frank’s father was an alcoholic who squandered their money on drink, until he eventually abandoned his wife and children. Angela, Frank’s penniless mother, was left alone with her many children to live in outrageous conditions of abject poverty.

The narrative is unlike any I’ve read. McCourt writes conversationally in a comical, rambling voice of run-on sentences alive with irony and humor. He captures adult interactions while still retaining the child’s unworldly perspective, in this way telling two stories at once. An unforgettable, haunting and original memoir.

tisteacherI’ve also read most of McCourt’s other memoirs,‘Tis and Teacher Man.

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‘New York Times’ reporter Dave Itzkoff to pen Robin Williams’ biography

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Dave Itzkoff, a culture reporter for the New York Times, is set to write a biography of Robin Williams, who died Aug. 11 at age 63.

Itzkoff wrote about Williams multiple times for the New York Timesincluding a 2009 profile where the writer spoke with Williams soon after the comedian recovered from heart surgery. In that story, Williams specified what had changed since getting a valve replacement: “You appreciate little things,” he told Itzkoff, “like walks on the beach with a defibrillator.”

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Book Review: Conflicted Hearts – A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt by D.G. Kaye

MEMOIR/NONFICTION A Lifetime of guilt — What does it take to finally break free? Somehow I believed it was my obligation to try to do the right thing by her because she had given birth to me. Burdened with constant worry for her father and the guilt caused by her mother’s narcissism, D.G. Kaye had a short childhood. When she moved away from home at age eighteen, she began to grow into herself, overcoming her lack of guidance and her insecurities. Her life experiences became her teachers, and she learned from the mistakes and choices she made along the way, plagued by the guilt she carried for her mother. Conflicted Hearts is a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and acceptance, an exploration of the quest for solace from emotional guilt.

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How to Get Pre-Orders For Your New Book

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Do you plan a book launch within the next 3 months? Did you know that you can start right away to sell your future book? Amazon allows you to make your new books available for pre-order in Kindle Stores worldwide. So, as an author-publisher you have more privileges than Hachette and Disney Productions, some of the worlds’ biggest publishers : ) as Amazon refused to set up their pre-orders for the hit movies “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Maleficent”.

More Time to Promote Your New Book
With a few quick and easy steps you can create a pre-order page up to 90 days in advance of your book’s release date. Amazon promises to set up your pre-order product page within 24 hours. When you make your book available for pre-order, customers can order the book anytime leading up to the release date you set. Amazon delivers…

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September Writing Contests

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Happy Friday all! Let’s face it, writers cannot get enough of sharpening their skills by competing in writing competition where we pit our creative abilities against fierce competitors for the prize. Sometimes we actually get to take home the loot!

Writing competitions in any genre are beneficial to the creative because we can gauge our writing ability against the best of the best and still lose gracefully in the agony of defeat. We know that writing for us is a win/win, no matter if we place in the competition or not.

For those of you who want to compete for the prize or see how far your writing skills take you, here are three great writing contests you might enjoy entering in September:


Mslexia is holding a women’s memoir contest for women with a story to tell and who want to compete in the competition for their share of the…

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